No CAM signal reading

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No CAM signal reading

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hello guys

i'm encounter an issue with cam signal. No problem with crank signal.

i'm running an kdfi ms2motherboard with an brand new sm3+ daughter board with ms3 firmware on a bmw m50nv engine and I want to go full seq. but I can't see any cam signal on my composite logger..
Engine is running but cam fault indicator and halfsync is showing on tunerstudio.

Initially only 3 coils where fired because Kdfi is driving coil by Spark output A1,B1,C1,A2,B2,C2 but the SM3+ is only driving A,B,C,D,E,F so I've linked IGN_D1,E1 and F1 from the motherboard on the Gate of the IGBT according to firing order.
Now all my cylinders are firing but I can see there is twice more spark on the 4,5,6 coil than 1,2,3 with a timing light.

Here is a picture of pin assignement on the kdfi motherboard and sm3+

Here is a pic of my ecu connector pin assignement

CAM sensor is VR. ECU Pin 16 wired to VR2_P and pin 44 to VR2_N. Shield to a ground on ecu.

So for explain I've tried multiple thing.

First I've found that the two VR2_X pin on the kdfi motherboard where connected so I think there is a problem in the board.
To workaround I've directly linked the ecu pin 16 and 44 onto the sm3+'s VR2_P and VR2_N pin like show on the picture. And I didn't touch the sensor shield wire.
Since I've done this, my TPS signal wasn't read on tunerstudio too. When I check voltage on analog signal TPS input on the sm3+ I can see 1,2v decreasing while not touching my throttle and tps indicator on tunerstudio going wild.

I've checked continuity between my sensor and VR2_X when everything is connected and this seems good.
I've check the voltage while engine running between VR2_P and ground and I found 2,50V. So I think my sensor is sending signal but SM3+ can handle him..

I hope someone can help me.. thanks guys
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